About me:  

My passion for photography first took hold in 1988 when I was fortunate to work as an assistant to Los Angeles travel photographer David Finer.


During 1990s I studied photography at a private college where my own style of work was encouraged to flourish. Since the changes in technology with the digital era, I found it necessary and a great pleasure to go back to being a student with the intention of making the most of all that the digital approach to image making had to offer.In November 2011, I gained my Diploma in Photoimaging and was greatly encouraged by being awarded: 


* MSIT Photoimaging Student of the Year


* Queensland Student Folio of the Year as judged by Australian Institute of Professional Photography, Queensland.


* MSIT, Griffith University Scholarship for Visual Arts


* Westfield Artist in Residence


More recently, I have been fortunate to have been awarded each year at the AIPP National Awards. 


EXHIBITION:    FireLight.  Percolator Gallery, Paddington.

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